For all of us it was our first visit to the Czech Republic, so we were very unsure about what we would encounter.  Many of us expected grey buildings and factories, and of course we were VERY wrong.  The Czech Republic was full of colour, warmth and welcome.  We encountered helpful friendly people throughout our trip, before we even reached the school! 

The trip was so well organized and we had opportunities to enjoy Czech life through, cycling, traditional music, singing, dancing, food and conversation.  

Educationally the school was extremely welcoming.  We toured the school, visiting different classes and bringing back ideas to use at home.  The staff and students were very enthusiastic and eager to learn form us, and teach us new skills.  We particularly enjoyed learning new words and phrases in Czech. 

Our school is now learning to use new Apps on the Ipad and using Ipads as educational tools in a range of curriculum areas.

Thank you Lenka and Iva for a organizing the visit so well.

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  1. Thank you for the warm words, TANIS :). L